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27 Ideal Gifts for Ring Bearers

20 Ideal Gifts for Ring Bearers
February 19, 2021 | By Sarah Fuller | Gift Lists

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A great way to thank your ring bearer for all they did to make your wedding day as special as possible is to be them a little thoughtful gift. If you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry. We have put together a comprehensive list of some truly amazing ring bearer gifts that you can choose from and take all the credit for.

These ring bearer gifts will make your little helper feel special and appreciated, so go out of your way to show what a thoughtful gift giver you are. Keep reading to find the perfect option that stands out to you.

Ring Bearer Gift Set

1. Ring Bearer Gift Set

Tickle & Main



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This 3 piece gift set is perfect for the new Ring Bearer! Set includes storybook, toy badge, and security briefcase. Storybook educates toddlers and kids about what it means to be a Ring Bearer in a wedding and why it is such an important role. The book contains adorable illustrations about a little boy who is asked to be a ring bearer and how excited he is to be "Head of Security." The Wedding "Ring Security" Briefcase is made of high quality durable polyester fabric with gold foil print and can be "secret" storage for any toddler boy who is excited to have his very own security case. It also looks adorable as he carries it down the aisle! Toy badge has "Ring Bearer" engraved on front and can be worn as a chain or it can hook to a shirt pocket. Gift set comes with a badge shaped gift tag addressed to the Ring Bearer, Head of Security.

The Best Ever Ring Bearer

2. The Best Ever Ring Bearer

Sourcebooks (Model: 9781402238185)



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For the most awesome boy in the bridal party, The Best Ever Ring Bearer takes you on an adventure to discover all the best things about being in a wedding. Wear a special suit, help the bride and groom, smile big for pictures, walk down the aisle, and have lots and lots of fun! An adorable wedding party gift for any nephew, son, family member, or other future ring bearer to understand the duties and importance of their job on the special day.

Ring Bearer Sunglasses

3. Ring Bearer Sunglasses

Bella Cuttery



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These sunglasses are a top seller that everybody loves! As pictured are youth glasses with white text. These youth sized plastic sunglasses are for ages 2-9! They are comprised of a polycarbonate material and offer 100% UVA and UVB protection.

Suspender Bowtie Sets

4. Suspender Bowtie Sets




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Child Boys Adjustable Silk Bowties & Suspender Sets Y Back Metal Clips Genuine Leather Suspenders

Will You Be My Ring Bearer Scratch Off Card

5. Will You Be My Ring Bearer Scratch Off Card

Designing Moments



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The perfect way to ask the little guy to be your ring bearer.

Tweed Golf Cap Hat

6. Tweed Golf Cap Hat

Born to Love (Model: BTC-n403xl)



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This is the perfect accessory for your little one to look both adorable and sophisticated. These newsboy caps are an ideal accessory for weddings, especially for the ring bearer! Finish off your little guy’s outfit with a dash of elegance and charm.

Ring Security Teddy Bear

7. Ring Security Teddy Bear




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This 16" Teddy Bear is the perfect Ring Bearer gift. Personalize the shirt with the ring bearer's name on the front and a special message on the back to include the date, couple's name, or other information.

Ring Security Badge

8. Ring Security Badge




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Made of metal, sturdy pin back.
Asked my ring bearer to be in my wedding with this and he absolutely loved it!!

Custom Personalized Mini Baseball Bat

9. Custom Personalized Mini Baseball Bat

My Personal Memories



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The perfect gift for that baseball slugger in your life! This mini baseball bat is made of a solid wood and is great for that future baseball star or wedding party person.

Ring Bearer Set

10. Ring Bearer Set




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Get the full ring security ring bearer package (makes great ring bearer gifts). It comes with a professional ring bearer suitcase for wedding with foam ring slits inside to safely carry the wedding rings. The wedding ring security briefcase says RING SECURITY on both sides, so it doesn't matter how it's carried. The package also contains a black kids security hat for the ring bearer to wear, kids sized sunglasses to make the ring bearer look like a special agent, an ear piece for the official look, and toy handcuffs that can be attached to the ring bearer and ring security briefcase.

Ring Bearer Water Bottle

11. Ring Bearer Water Bottle

The Crafty Engineer



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Double walled kids size water bottle holds 10 ounces and keeps drinks cold without the sweat. Flip up spout offers easy drinking via straw.

Custom Baseball

12. Custom Baseball

Personalized Sports Balls



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The perfect personalized custom baseball wedding keepsake for your wedding party.

Walkie Talkies for Kids

13. Walkie Talkies for Kids




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It is possible to turn of the various beeps they make. Great for kids to play with and they love the lights.

Personalized Wooden Yo-Yo

14. Personalized Wooden Yo-Yo

LifeSong Milestones



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This PERSONALIZED wooden yo-yo is the perfect keepsake to remember a special wedding day! Each yo-yo is carefully custom engraved with the name of best man, groomsman, jr groomsman, or ring bearer and the date of the wedding.

LEGO Wedding Favor Set

15. LEGO Wedding Favor Set




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Bought this as a wedding favor for my nephew who was the ring bearer at our wedding. It was the perfect gift and he loved having something to do while we all got ready for the day. High quality and a great gift for a ring bearer.

Remote Control Car

16. Remote Control Car




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Love this remote control car, it is so much fun!! Very easy to control, user friendly set-up, it’s cool how it rotates 360 degree and do stunts. We tried it both indoor and outdoor, worked perfectly on both!! Also love that batteries are chargeable.

I'm Still Single Sign

17. I'm Still Single Sign




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Your groom may be taken, but your ring bearer probably wants to keep his options open. He'll charm the crowd (and the ladies) with this super unique handcrafted wedding sign.

Ring Bearer T-Rex Dinosaur T-Shirt

18. Ring Bearer T-Rex Dinosaur T-Shirt

Funny T-Rex Ring Bearer Security Wedding Gifts



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A boys and girl T-Rex ring bearer gift, perfect for the Ring Bearersaurus at the wedding party! A cute ring security design for the ring bearer of the big wedding day! Makes a great gift for Youths, Toddlers, Children, Nephew or Cousins that might be assigned to ring bearer duty on your special day! A cute dinosaur design that kids will love!

Ring Bearer Backpack

19. Ring Bearer Backpack

Lillian Rose (Model: TR676 RB)



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how your ring bearer how important his role is on your big day with this backpack gift.

Name Puzzle

20. Name Puzzle




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Ask your little guests to be a part of your special day with this personalized name gift!

Nerf Gun

21. Nerf Gun

NERF (Model: B9838)



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This was a gift for my 7 year old son. It was inexpensive enough that I was able to give him two with some extra accessories so that he could have Nerf wars with his friends. He was thrilled to be able to share his gifts.

Binoculars for Kids

22. Binoculars for Kids




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I got these binoculars for my nephew and I think he will love these. They are serious binoculars and not just a toy. They seem to be well constructed with reasonably good optics for the price. I don't think they will break easily.

Kids Camera

23. Kids Camera




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This camera toy is a perfect gift for kids. If you do not know which gift your kids will like, do not hesitate, your kids will surely have fun with this present.

Secret Agent Set

24. Secret Agent Set




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I purchased this for my 6 y.o. nephew who is so in to detective type play. This kit was awesome! He looks so handsome and like a real detective with the coat, hat, and glasses. I thought it would be "cheaply" made, but it isn't. His mom is having a hard time getting him to take off the outfit, and put the detective kit away so that he can do his school work.
So happy I made this purchase!

Not Parent Approved: A Fun Card Game

25. Not Parent Approved: A Fun Card Game

Not Parent Approved (Model: SQ-199)



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A card game for mischief makers. Each round, one player picks & reads a question card & everyone else answers with the funniest answer card.

Personalized Basketball Ball

26. Personalized Basketball Ball




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This Spalding basketball is a replica of the official game ball of the NBA! Great gift for basketball fans!

Personalized Compass

27. Personalized Compass




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A wonderful push button sundial compass it can be a great gift for someone special

A Little Guide to Ring Bearer

You know about a married couple with rings. But there is more you don’t know about ring bearers. This article will take you through what you don’t know and should know about them.

Who Is A Ring Bearer?

A ring bearer carries rings for a couple at the wedding. It can either be a girl or a boy. Most are between the ages of 5-8 years. Also, the bearers are related to or close to the wedding couple. It could be your child, nephew, cousin, sibling or friend’s child. 

Ring bearers add all the cuteness and warmth to the wedding ceremony. If you are looking to choose a ring bearer do not be stressed out. The process should be simple and fun.

What Does a Ring Bearer Do?

Ring bearers have one major responsibility: deliver the rings to the couple. They carry rings on a pillow which is afterwards given to the bridesmaids or groom. The ring bearer usually walks to the altar just before the flower girl enters to introduce the bridesmaid. If the bearer is old enough to walk they can walk alone into the aisle. If not old enough to walk to the isle a parent should accompany them.

What Does a Ring Bearer Do?

Giving Gifts to a Ring Bearer, what kind?

Gifts should be given to a ring bearer after the ceremony is complete. You had an amazing ceremony. Now you feel the need to thank your ring bearer. Ring bearers deserve ring bearer gifts. Because they bring all the charm and warmth of weddings. Now, it’s time to make them feel appreciated and special.

Some of the ring bearer gifts you can give are a ring bearer set, backpack, sunglasses, personalized book, suspender bowtie, security badge, nerf gun, water bottle, kids’ binoculars or camera. Also, other personalized gifts like compass and basketball ball. There are more ring bearer gifts but if you have no other option pick one from the ones mentioned.

Ring Bearer Wear

Ring bearers should keep their look elegant and perfect for the event. Your ring bearer should wear formal wear like a suit or a tuxedo just like the groom and groomsmen. However, there are some things you should consider such as the season and the age.

For the girl ring bearer, you can choose the same outfit as the flower girls.

As for infant ring, bearers choose very comfortable clothing, right size and warm.

27 Ideal Gifts for Ring Bearers

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