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39 Gift Ideas For 14 Year Old Boys

Gift Ideas For 14 Year Old Boys
March 18, 2021 | By Sarah Fuller | Gift Lists

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Shopping for gifts for kids these days can be a challenge. It seems as if the times and trends change so fast that it’s hard to keep up to speed with what they’re even interested in. Luckily, we have made shopping for the kid in your life easier this year by putting together a list of the best gifts for 14 year old boys.

Whether you’re buying something for your son, your nephew, or a friend’s kid, there is something on this list that will impress juat about any 14 year old boy you’re buying for this year. These gifts are unique, useful, and funny, so be prepared to finally be the cool adult you’re always trying to be.

Check out all of the gifts for 14 year old boys below and we are sure you’ll find something that immediately reminds you of your gift recipient. Your gift is going to be a hit this year.

Gameboy DIY kit

1. Gameboy DIY kit

RETROFLAG (Model: GPi Set)



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Game boy inspired Raspberry Pi case,it also includes additional features like X/Y buttons.Hidden L/R shoulder buttons as well as POWER.
Package includes:1 x Original GPi Case,1x Raspberry Pi Zero W Board,1xBlack Carrying Bag,1x Copper Heatsink,1 x Flannel Bag ,1 x Introduction Manual,1 x 32G Class 10 Micro SD Card,1 x Black Card Adapter,1 x Card Protector Case

Fender Stratocaster Beginner Pack

2. Fender Stratocaster Beginner Pack

Fender (Model: 371824032)



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This bundle has everything you need to start rocking straight out of the box, including a 3-month subscription to Fender Play, a padded gig bag, pack of picks, a comfortable and durable guitar strap, Fender Frontman 15G amplifier, and a 10-foot instrument cable. The Fender Frontman 15G amplifier boasts 15 watts of power and features both clean and overdrive channels.

Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit

3. Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit




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Learn about the exciting hobby of rock tumbling with National Geographic! Rock tumbling is tons of fun and a great way to start a beautiful rock collection. This set includes all the accessories you’ll need to start polishing dazzling gems. Kids can use the included jewelry fastening to create beautiful homemade jewelry!

A Guide to Growing Up

4. A Guide to Growing Up




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This friendly book talks to teens in their own language, with emphasis on the subject that is first and foremost in the minds of adolescent boys and girls: Sex. Separate chapters titled Boy Stuff and Girl Stuff describe body changes that occur during puberty, with frank and open discussions about male and female genitals, how they feel, and how they function. Chapters that follow discuss typical teen problems, as well as those entirely new feelings that come with sexual development, and offer tips on making it through those sometimes exciting, sometimes crazy teen years. Learn how to deal with crushes, controlling parents, pimples, kissing, dating, hormones, menstruation, sexual activity, condoms, contraception, pregnancy, STDs, sexual impulses, and more. New to this edition is information on social networks, protecting yourself online, maintaining a positive body image, mental health, sexual orientation, gender identity, and more. Includes line drawings on most pages.

Drone FlyCam Quadcopter

5. Drone FlyCam Quadcopter

DJI (Model: CP.MA.00000120.01)



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DJI Mavic Mini - Drone FlyCam Quadcopter UAV with 2 7K Camera 3-Axis Gimbal GPS 30min Flight Time less than 0 55lbs Gray. Charging Temperature Range - 5° to 40°C (41° to 104°F)


6. Telescope

Gskyer (Model: AZ90600)



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We bought it for my son. We actually bought it to watch the moon in August, during the Chinese Festival. It's made from high quality materials and seems to be quite durable. It comes with an instruction booklet, that's pretty easy to understand. It took us about 40 minutes to completely assemble. The small finder scope is not hard to align, and is very clear when in focus. All of the lenses are high quality. the price is right for beginners wanting to check out the moon and the night sky. Definitely was worth it.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

7. Portable Bluetooth Speaker




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Take your tunes on the go with the powerful JBL Flip 5. Our lightweight Bluetooth speaker goes anywhere. Bad weather? Not to worry. With its waterproof design, you can rock out to our signature sound Rain or shine. Move more. Pair two JBL party boost-compatible speakers together for stereo sound or link multiple JBL party boost-compatible speakers to create a bigger party. Enjoy more than 12 hours of play time for your favorite music. Stand it vertical or horizontal and be bold with your choice of 11 vibrant colors.

Electric Scooter

8. Electric Scooter

Segway (Model: ES4)



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Experience greater power, range, and speed. Equipped with an internal and external lithium ion battery, the Segway ES4 Kick Scooter has a nominal capacity of 374 watt-hours, doubling that of the ES2, so you can travel farther and reach your destination quicker than ever before. The extra power comes with controlled acceleration for a smoother ride and a cruise control option so you can ride in comfort. And thanks to the textured anti-slip handle, you’ll enjoy better grip and control.

Apple AirPods

9. Apple AirPods

Apple (Model: MV7N2AM/A)



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My son really wanted airpods but his parents thought that they were a waste of money so I bought them for him behind their back and he loves them!! He has wanted them for a while now and these are really good quality!! Real things!! He wore them all day long!! Glad he's thankful!!

Arduino Starter Kit

10. Arduino Starter Kit

Arduino (Model: BPSCA K000007 - SC12835)



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This Arduino start kit allows you to build 15 projects. It comes with a project book and over 100 components. It provides an introduction to electrical components and programing. An engineer will enjoy going through the step-by-step processes detailed in the project book to create electrical projects. An Arduino can be added to program other projects, as well.

PlayStation 5

11. PlayStation 5

PlayStation (Model: 3005718)


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The PS5 console unleashes new gaming possibilities that you never anticipated. Experience lightning fast loading with an ultra-high speed SSD, deeper immersion with support for haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and 3D Audio, and an all-new generation of incredible PlayStation games.

Teens Cook: How to Cook What You Want to Eat

12. Teens Cook: How to Cook What You Want to Eat

Ten Speed Press



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Teenagers like what they like, and they will only eat what they like. But instead of causing mealtime strife, now they can learn to cook those foods themselves. With over 75 delicious recipes for meals at all times of the day—breakfast, snacks, sides, dinners, and dessert, too—Teens Cook is a guide to everything teenagers (and tweens) need to learn about conquering the kitchen without accidentally setting the house on fire. Written by teens and for teens in easy-to-follow instructions, authors Megan and Jill Carle give young readers advice on how to maneuver their kitchen in a language they’ll understand (and actually listen to). The Carle sisters pass on their knowledge of how to decipher culinary vocabulary, understand kitchen chemistry (why stuff goes right and wrong when cooking), adapt recipes to certain dietary restrictions (like vegetarianism), and avoid all sorts of possible kitchen disasters.

LEGO Robot Kit

13. LEGO Robot Kit

LEGO (Model: 31313)



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Builders of all ages will love building and coding their fully-functional robot to walk, talk, and even play games or complete tasks! This educational STEM robot toy makes engineering fun for everyone who builds it.

Mini Pit Bike

14. Mini Pit Bike




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Great for a beginner and children, the smaller engine offers a smooth and steady acceleration that won't be too fast or too mach to handle for your child.


15. Walkie-Talkie




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This is a legit two-way radio and will transmit even on police freq. Be careful and verify your freq. It does not take very long to locate you if you goof with authorities.

Swiss Army Knife

16. Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox (Model: 046928560110)



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Very, very tiny- but a good knife.

Paracord Bracelet

17. Paracord Bracelet

A2S Protection (Model: .)



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This 5-in-1 paracord survival bracelet is compact, handy, multi-functional and potentially life-saving. It's attractive enough to wear on any casual outing, and it's surprisingly great fun to use.

Nerf Gun

18. Nerf Gun

NERF (Model: B9838)



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This was a gift for my 7 year old son. It was inexpensive enough that I was able to give him two with some extra accessories so that he could have Nerf wars with his friends. He was thrilled to be able to share his gifts.

Gaming Racing Wheel

19. Gaming Racing Wheel

logitech G (Model: 941-000110)



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The definitive sim racing wheel for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Driving Force is designed for the latest racing game titles for your PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 console. Add Driving Force to your controller selection and you may never want to race with a regular controller again. With dual motor force feedback, on wheel controls and responsive pedals, G29 makes racing feel like the real deal.

Ant Farm

20. Ant Farm




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My son was thrilled with this as a birthday present. The set up was ridiculously easy. My son loved the whole experience. You can very clearly see the ants and observe. Looking forward to seeing what they do!

Metal Detector

21. Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter (Model: 3410001)



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Research a bit more on YouTube, Reddit to get a feel for the craft. Good little rig for the price. First find was a bottle cap! Lol

Air Hockey Table

22. Air Hockey Table

Sport Squad (Model: SSA1001)



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My boys love playing this and what’s great is that you can transport it as it’s not heavy but it is sturdy. We’ve taken it to their friends and grandparents houses to play and it’s fun for everyone. Not loud at all and easy to play. No problems at all and we’ve had this for over a year! Highly recommend and it’s great that you can buy replacement paddles and disks just in case. Highly recommended!!!!

Basketball hoop

23. Basketball hoop

Lifetime (Model: 1269)



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Kids need basketball hoops and this portable set delivers the goods!

Mountain Bike

24. Mountain Bike

Huffy (Model: 74808)



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Great bike, took about 20 mins to assemble. Very easy and comes with all the tools needed.

Action camera

25. Action camera

GoPro (Model: CHDHX-901-XX)



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The time warp is really cool, and horizon leveling it superb and the image stabilization is out of this world.

Popcorn Machine

26. Popcorn Machine

West Bend (Model: 82515)



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I luv it
The popcorn pops fresh and the taste is like you ordered it from the concession stand in the movie theater.

Training Bench

27. Training Bench

FLYBIRD (Model: Adjustable Bench-149)



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This bench is great...good quality, sturdy, smooth operation and folds up nicely for easy storage.

Drum Set

28. Drum Set

Eastar (Model: EB0335-PAN-RD-FBA)



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Enjoy The Fun Of Playing
Eastar 5 drum set provides everything you need for playing, has a rich and powerful sound and beautiful resonance effect, so you can enjoy the fun of playing.

Gaming Chair

29. Gaming Chair

Hbada (Model: HDJY001BM/CB)



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This gaming chair is absolutely worth it’s price and the design looks amazing usually I get super sore and such from sitting to long but with this chair it’s different I literally sat at home for 10 hours straight playing games because of the quarantine situation before and I didn’t feel sore at all and it also reclines backwards so you can lay back and relax also the handles are adjustable so it’s very convenient. So far I have not had any problems whatsoever with this chair and it’s genuinely for gaming. It looks amazing with a good setup heck it even looks amazing with a bad setup too. Fantastic product and definitely going to get me a second one for sure. 100/10 would recommend if you are a gamer or just anyone because it’s actually super comfortable to sit in and gives you a rush of confidence and such when sitting in it. Go get yourself one too if you haven’t already. Love it.

3D Printer

30. 3D Printer

Comgrow (Model: US1-Ender3 V2-FBA)



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I would recamend this as a great starter 3d printer to everyone.

GAN Rubics Cube

31. GAN Rubics Cube




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I purchased this item as a gift for my son. He requested this specific cube, so I know that he will be excited to receive it.

Electric Skateboard Longboard

32. Electric Skateboard Longboard




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After using the Skatebolt Pro for nearly 6 months I can confidently say that this is an Excellent electric skateboard that provides High Performance, Long Endurance, Beautiful Brake Lights, comfortable Remote Rontrol, and most importantly having Great Value for its money!

14 Year Old Boys! Who Are They?

Every child has their way and schedule of doing things. At this age, there is a lot of psychological and physical changes. Here are some of the characters that might be exhibited by a 14 year old.

Typically boys at this age are: Humorous, outgoing, friendly, self fulfilled, relaxed and optimistic, emotionally unstable, loud.

Socially: Enjoy the company of peers, fall in love, fights for popularity, takes a lot of time on the phone, and talk a lot and express themselves. For social kids, the gifts for the 14 year boys can be drones, a portable Bluetooth speaker or a play station.

Cognitive: Love freedom, enjoy art, and enjoy research and technology and how it works. On that note, if you are looking for gifts for 14 year old boys, get the boy a guitar, electric scooter, apple air pods, telescope or a guide to growing book.

Hobbies They Might Be Into

There is a variety of hobbies that 14 year old boys can participate in. Depending on what you enjoy most. If you are looking to find the ideal gifts for 14 year old boys, always consider or find out what their hobbies are. Here are the hobbies they love:

Skateboarding: Boys at this age enjoy taking part in risky activities. You can go skateboarding but take precautions.

Painting or Drawing: Explore your talents to know what you can do.

Fishing: Go for fish on weekends. It can be with your friends or father.

Hiking: Go for hikes with your peers and enjoy the new environment.

Look into personalized books for kids, very trendy nowadays!

Photography: Photography is very exciting. You should try it as a hobby.

Fixing: Find and fix things such as old vehicles and machines.

Learn: You can learn new things such as playing music or musical instruments such as guitar and drums.

Woodworks: Find a small place for yourself to make your wood objects.

Fun Things To Do Together

There are many things that you can do with 14 year old boys. You can get involved in your kids’ life in many ways. Kids whose parents are not involved in their lives fall out of school, engage in illegal activities and end up in jail.

Here are some of the activities you can engage in with your 14 year old to strengthen your relationship.

Join other parents and kids at school: Such programs are very entertaining and good for relationship building.

Attend your kids’ games: If your kid is a soccer, football or handball player, always ensure you attend the games. Your kid will see the effort you are making and your participation in their life.

Trust Building: Talk to your boys about life. Also, engage in activities such as house chores wars and more.

39 Gift Ideas For 14 Year Old Boys

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