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21 Lovely Baptism Gifts For Boys And Girls

21 Lovely Baptism Gifts For Boys And Girls
February 19, 2021 | By Sarah Fuller | Gift Lists

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Baptism is an extremely important moment in a baby’s life. It’s also a very special moment for the family and friends. When looking for baptism gifts, you want to find the perfect thing. Here are 21 lovely baptism gifts for boys and girls.

Personalized White Baby Blanket with Name

1. Personalized White Baby Blanket with Name




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This blanket is simple as well as adorable. The name is written in cursive and comes in either pink or blue. There is also a pretty cross on the blanket.

Personalized Star Chart

2. Personalized Star Chart

West Clay Company



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A personalized star chart will allow you to relive the day any time you want. The star chart will capture the exact positioning of the stars on the day of the baptism. You will also get to engrave the chart with the date and other information about the day. Ask about including a cross in the engraving.

Ceramic Keepsake Box with Irish Blessing

3. Ceramic Keepsake Box with Irish Blessing




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Use this box to hold special items. It's especially perfect for Irish babies with the traditional Irish prayer. Get a cross of clover under the child's name on the top of the box.

Personalized Stuffed Elephant

4. Personalized Stuffed Elephant




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Every baby loves a stuffed animal, but this isn't one that they will cuddle with. This adorable elephant comes customized with the baby's name as well as some good wishes and the date of their baptism. The child will treasure this gift forever.

Gold Newborn Bangle Bracelet

5. Gold Newborn Bangle Bracelet




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It's never too early to give a baby a special piece of jewelry. This simple gold bracelet may be small, but the love behind it is huge. You can get the bracelet engraved to commemorate the date. The bracelet can be saved with other keepsakes from the big day when the baby gets too big for it. Perfect when looking for baptism gifts for grls.

Godchild Swaddle Blanket

6. Godchild Swaddle Blanket

Ocean Drop Designs (Model: 6547204)



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Young babies are best protected when properly swaddled. Of course, swaddle blankets get spit upon and come across other messes. Provide a cute swaddle blanket with a promise to your godchild. Whether it's used or saved, it will be appreciated.

Mud Pie Inspirational Count Your Blessings Jar

7. Mud Pie Inspirational Count Your Blessings Jar

Mud Pie (Model: 4775001)



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You are blessed to have your baby, but your baby is blessed, too. Remind them to be grateful for the things in their life with this blessings jar. As they get older, write down little things to be grateful for. As the child gets older, they'll be able to read them and contribute themselves.

Baby Handprint Picture Frame

8. Baby Handprint Picture Frame

Little Hippo (Model: Bayhandprintkit)



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Babies grow up way too fast. Hold on to these precious moments by capturing their cute little footprints. You can also include a couple of baby pictures. This will help them stay a baby forever.

Noah's Arc Playset

9. Noah's Arc Playset

ebba (Model: 20808)



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This cute plush play set gives the baby in your life 4 cool animal toys as well as a boat tote to store them in for easy carrying. It comes with an elephant, a giraffe, a lion, and a zebra. It's something the baby will love while also reinforcing religious values.

Elephant Hooded Towel Wrap

10. Elephant Hooded Towel Wrap

Elegant Baby (Model: 79570)



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Keep your baby looking great even right out of the bath with this adorable towel that comes with a hood that looks like an elephant. The look is completed with a trunk and a talk. Plus, it will help get the baby dry, warm, and cozy.

Little Golden Bible

11. Little Golden Bible

Golden Inspirational



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It's never too early to teach a baby about the wonderful teachings of the Bible. Get them this Bible specifically designed for babies. They will be able to read it as they learn how to read.

Mud Pie Baby Classic Keepsakes Silver-Plate Rattle, Cross

12. Mud Pie Baby Classic Keepsakes Silver-Plate Rattle, Cross

Mud Pie (Model: 197024)



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This rattle isn't made for the baby to shake and play with. It's designed as a keepsake. The baby will have it prominently displayed in the home for years to come. It will be a reminder for everybody in the family of a beautiful day you all shared.

Organic Carousel Designs Custom Star Crib Sheet

13. Organic Carousel Designs Custom Star Crib Sheet

Sweet Jojo Designs



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Get the parents of the baby something they will need by giving the gift of a cute crib sheet. The sheet is adorable. It's also custom-designed with the little one's name inscribed on it. They will fall asleep on sheets made of love.

Gund Baby Plush Bear

14. Gund Baby Plush Bear

GUND (Model: 4034214)



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This adorable bear softly recites the beautiful "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" prayer. The bear is even on their knees with its hands folded. You can play it for the baby every night at bedtime.

Mommy and Me Blessed Tee

15. Mommy and Me Blessed Tee




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Allow the mommy and baby in your life to show off their blessings with pride in this cute tee for the mom and onesie for the baby. They will both look great while expressing how happy they are for God's gifts.

White Muslin Child of God Swaddle Blanket

16. White Muslin Child of God Swaddle Blanket

Ocean Drop Designs (Model: Blanket)



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Keep the baby comfortable while also reminding them of their commitment to God. This blanket is attractive and soft. It also has the glorious words of Psalm 139 that states, "You are a child of God/ You are wonderfully made/ Dearly Loved/ And precious in his sight".

Praying Boy Musical Snow Globe

17. Praying Boy Musical Snow Globe

Things Remembered



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This precious figurine is one of the most adorable baptism gifts for boys. When you make it play, it recites "The Lord is My Shepherd" while music plays. You can even get the snow globe inscribed with the name of the baby and the date of the baptism.

Personalized Baptism Book of Blessings

18. Personalized Baptism Book of Blessings




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Help personalize this gorgeous book that will help the family remember the baptism forever. Make sure that you have some basic information and a picture to help create the book. There is something personalized on almost every page.

Puzzle Piece Godchild Gift

19. Puzzle Piece Godchild Gift




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This cute little puzzle piece is a great gift to give a godchild as a special gift just from you. The puzzle piece has a sweet message that you can personalize.

Nautical Baptism Cross

20. Nautical Baptism Cross




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When looking for baptism gifts for boys, you can't do better than this adorable cross. Customize it with the baby's name and date of the baptism. This cross can be added to the baby memorabilia so that they will remember you every time they see it.

White Wooden Picture Frame with Gold Accents

21. White Wooden Picture Frame with Gold Accents

Malden International Designs (Model: 4699-46)



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This picture frame is the perfect frame to place a picture of you and the baby on their baptism. The gold stars on the frame give it a whimsical feel, and the baby will know that you love them to the moon and back.

Whether looking for baptism gifts for girls or boys, you can find something that will connect you with the baby for the rest of their life. This list is a good place to start when looking for baptism gifts.

21 Lovely Baptism Gifts For Boys And Girls

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